Season 5 – episode 5

1) Know your worth. As people will value you if you value yourself.

2) I’m blessed to wake up early because it helps me jump start my work

3) When is it gonna get better?

4) Get off the fence (means make a decision) and come to this seminar

5) Native video on LinkedInexponentially getting more views on LinkedIn because it is native to the platform

6) As we are speaking, it’s getting updated

7) Linkedin doesn’t have that level of analytics that youtube have yet

8) It revitalising that interest again

9) It populates almost like original video on profile

10) It went past 8million views

11) Thanks for bringing that up

12) Stuck in limbo means when u not able to decide what to do

13) This is so much for video as it is for hashtag

14) Prebuild audience ahead of time

15) A big believer in multi touch point marketing sort of more cohesive marketing

16) They launcher it ahead of time

17) We can’t think same blueprint that worked in America would work in china or India

18) He, like all of us has shortcomings

19) Snapchat is still above on AppStore. Its data and not an opinion

20) I consume lots of content on LinkedIn and podcast

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