Season 5 – episode 1 – 10 English sentences every day

1) To stand out, we need to deliver great quality of results

2) It’s not a new world for me to adapt.

3) It’s something we are trying to make sense of

4) And coming to terms with that is difficult when you know that you have to come out of this state yourself

5) I have very high threshold for pain

6) I don’t mean to sound like a narcissist (means self praises or self obsessed)

7) You could be as prepared as you wanna be but it is never enough so just do it and don’t wait for the right moment

8) More often than not, we end using same template and use almost same if not exact targeting and media plan

9) I don’t stand for non-supportive workplace.

10) You can’t judge people from the place of belief, religion, work experience or anything for that matter

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