Season 3 – episode 8

1) you know how this kind of response is  utterly infuriating (makes someone angry) especially to a women

2) In our Coginitve dissonance (cognitive means belief and dis-sonance means inconsistency in belief) we allow others to treat us in a certain way

3) Things gonna work out for you when you least expect it 

4) She is full of crippling (means destroying) insecurities

5) You don’t wanna come across as too passive / submissive (means someone who accepts any behaviour) 

6) I sat there watching it and my jaw hit the floor

7) I am 

8) Thanks for your help thus far.

9) These prices are the lowest of the Low

10) Use of word “in part” in a sentence – She wants you to do it in part to learn from you and in part to feel knowledgeable 

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