Season 2 – Episode #1 – English Words Day In And Day Out

Eloquent, Fluent Speaker, Communication Skills, Most important skill, English Speaking, Learn how to articulate yourself, art of expression

1) Which I believe I am right on

2) If the product doesn’t have merits then it is hard to sell even with right marketing

3) Anything is good for you only in moderation like coffee

4) Just a follow up on that segment we talked about

5) We all strive for a great career and a happy life

6) I can’t help but notice either year I didn’t win

7) Lift each other up as opposed to tearing each other down

8) Lot has changed since we last saw you (check out the usage of past tense – “saw”)

9) The way it manifested (means show/display ) itself was mind-blowing

10) We are no longer in touch

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