Season 2 – episode 7

1) if you don’t have any healthy food alternative on hands then forget that we are eating healthy

2) Did you ever had any reservation (limitation) (pronounced as ree-servations) about your whether to go with it or not?

3) We have to kind of refined it little bit to make it work

4) It’s a red flag (means something to be worried about or warning)

5) I’m gonna be giving away a roadmap for people to get lot of value from this

6) Moving to this job was part of my laddering up plan because sometime if you can’t currently start what u ultimately and then you have do something and ladder up or grow from there …it’s good to keep your vision clear in large but working on small steps are essentials and sometimes only way

7) Elena has affinity (means liking)  for salads

8) Instagram dominates our world

9) Im just trying to put words together. I don’t know how to say it

10) Couple things I wanna get across (couple things I want you to wrap your minds around)

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