No track – English Words we know but don’t often use them while conversing 

Add value to your spoken time by adding these simple yet valuable words that can add weight age to your speaking without much efforts

1) You immediately want to integrate/incorporate a new trend in your clothing 

2) Our hair are at its most vulnerable when they are wet so don’t expose them to extreme heat to dry them up

3) It’s really small and compact to travel with

4) Look for consignment stores or thrift stores for good second hand clothing 

5) And I thought it would be Super fun to wrap this up with some extra tips so here it is 

6) Through this video I wanted to show you how versatile a small wardrobe could be 

7) I will break this session into 3 stages

8) When you are stressed your body magenisun gets depleted so take right medication to boost that energy

9) I like to use natural products to exfoliate my skin and for that matter everything 

10) We don’t really have luxury to call in sick

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