Learn 10 new English words Everyday

1) We just scratching the surface – means just starting up

2) We offer them discount and coupon if they tag or share it 3 of their friends and the offer incentivise (means motivate or give incentive) them to share it with friends and the chain goes on and we capitalise (means take advantage of that) on that

3) you don’t know what you don’t know so you must test so that you know

4) There are few other revenue streams that we would like to pursue

5) Market is actually fragmented right now with lot of small companies

6) Next year we are projecting one and a half million

7) Use Realistically instead of honestly

8) We see merits in both of our deals so we would like to get together

9) currently we are not focused on seeking out new clients as we are already overloaded

10) Besides being a marketer, I’m a fun and easy person too

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